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Bride and Groom
Bespoke, one-of-a-kind bride and groom wedding cake toppers made to look just like you and your betrothed! The pictures show examples of ones made previously. The toppers are made from solid, unvarnished wood. They are dressed in handmade outfits made to look just like your wedding dress and groom’s suit. The hair is carefully applied strand by strand in your wedding day style and their faces are handpainted. A veil, headpiece, earrings and glasses can also be added. The bride will carry a bouquet in your chosen colour, and the groom will wear a matching buttonhole on his lapel. If you want, your cake toppers can be mounted on either a natural wood or a white painted base. Bases are 4 inches in diameter. If you are having lots of pets or children with your toppers you may need a larger 6 inch base. Please contact me for details.
Wooden base?